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Have fun on the way to earning

With so many play to earn companies telling you about the earning possibilities, it seems they have lost sight of a fundamental truth. . .  games are meant to be fun!

PLAYN's first game is being developed now!

DarklinWarsFull Color Logo.jpg

Release - 1Q 2023

Massively Multiplayer RTS

Thousands of players vie to dominate the kingdom, subduing powerful monsters, facing dark powers and creating then deploying Darklin . . . fantasy creatures who are completely customizable!

For alliances and see if you are able to win the keys to the kingdom in this fantasy MMORTS.

Full Mockup.png

More games are also in our development pipeline!


Build and customize robots and command them in real time PvP battles. Launching in 2Q2023

Medieval Tails

Role playing game in a massive medieval fantasy world of intelligent animals. Launching in 1Q2024

Bloodlines Logo

Extreme PvP in an homage to the vikings, where clan ties mean everything. Can you get to Valhalla? Launching in 3Q2024

Partner Program

Not content to only populate the PLAYN ecosystem with our own games, we are bringing online the Partner Program in the 2Q of 2022.


The Partner Program will bring the best games from indie developers and allow our community to vote on including them in our ecosystem, enhancing our offering and bringing real value to token holders.

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