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Be One Of The Insiders That Are In It First

Well, the crypto markets are tanking. Seems like nothing is safe.
Weak, inexperienced investors may be tempted to quit but…


What if there was a recession-proof crypto play?


A proven one.


With a $180 billion Total Addressable Market.


And the best part?


It’s barely tapped. Not even alpha yet.

So a savvy investor can get in at a discount ahead of the public.


What’s this play?

Blockchain Gaming


Per DappRadar, blockchain gaming’s 1.16 million daily Unique Active Users has barely dipped while the rest of the market plummets. Better yet, it was over 41x the number of daily users just a year prior. Have you seen any other asset class with such YOY growth of interest? And we’re about to bring real gaming to the blockchain.


FinanceOnline predicts there to be over 3 billion gamers in 2023. And a big chunk of them can’t help but be intrigued by the possibility of earning real money while playing highly-entertaining games.

At PLAYN, we have the people and designs that will bring many of those 3 billion gamers into blockchain gaming, releasing game after game and earning revenue for both players and investors. And to get started in the strongest position possible, we’re creating a whitelist for people who wish to buy our project’s token at launch (before the rest of the world catches up).


First round opens July 15th. Only one way to guarantee access:


This is much bigger than early blockchain games like Axie Infinity or Gods Unchained.


Current Play-2-Earn (P2E) games leave most players frustrated, bored, and broke. And here’s a $180B secret: most casual gamers can’t afford to play them and actual gamers wouldn’t touch them with a Dagger of Absolute Boredom.


This is all about to change. We honor our players by giving them fun games with no barriers to entry and we honor our first investors by giving them an opportunity to get in early.

Accredited investors can even get a discount.

Here are 3 ways that you, as an early token holder, will win with our P2E games, grabbing a chunk of that $180 billion industry.

Win #1: More players = more revenue = more token demand


Current P2E games have 4 massive barriers to entry…  which we have solved.


We’re publishing games across 6 verticals. These types of games have earning potential in the hundreds of millions. Our first game is already in working alpha, and similar games are bringing in:


War and Order - $5 million per month

The Ants: Underground Kingdom - $3 million per month

Vikings: War of Clans - $1 million per month


And this is not even the highest revenue-earning category, the “low hanging fruit” and they’re not even letting players earn money. Once P2E incentives are involved, it’s off to the races. And we’ll keep publishing games with a higher and higher earning potential.

As PLAYN profits from this inflow of players and revenue, guess what happens to the GMG token and to the investors who got in early? They win.

Who Are We

Win #2: Tighter supply with every game = token value rises


There is a fixed supply of the GMG token, the governance currency for PLAYN. Each time a new game is added, the demand increases but overall pool is reduced by 500,000 GMG to collateralize in-game currency. So as an investor, would you rather buy an asset that can be minted (and diluted) on-demand or one that becomes more and more scarce? ​



Win #3: You get in early


You identified a winner. You’re ready to invest.


When others discover PLAYN and the GMG token, you will be sitting on plenty of GMG to sell as supply and demand drives the price up.


At launch GMG will be just 16 cents... for a deflationary asset with an ever-growing user base, real use cases, and built in scarcity.


By joining the whitelist and grabbing GMG at the lowest possible price, you win before we even hit the market.


There will only be one initial launch. Get in now and pay attention to our emails. Once it’s over - it’s over. The lucky few who realized the opportunity early will be the biggest winners here, the founding investors of PLAYN. 


When crypto investors talk about their investment multiplying a number of times over, the factors that get them those extraordinary results are timing and a low entry point. Right now, you can get in at the lowest price. Tomorrow… who knows?


Ask yourself this: When PLAYN and the GMG are all over CryptoTwitter and the first page of CoinMarketCap, will you kick yourself for not buying GMG at back when it was 16 cents?

Don’t miss out.

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