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An Advanced Battle System

In any strong RTS game, the battle system has to be well thought out and create fun, engaging combat as well as outcomes that are realistic.

The combat in Darklin Wars is crucial to all of us on the development team. Our staff is comprised of die hard war gamers and a lot of attention is being paid to getting this right. That is why we are combining our favorite combat mechanics from many of the games we have played with a ton of enhancements that we have always wanted to see.

Battle System Features

Timed AttacksPlayers will be able to synchronize their attacks so that they hit at the same time and combine their attacks into one. This will be especially helpful when the opponent has had their walls destroyed but a strong standing army

Walls that Work – To many games the walls are just something that should be there, but there is no practical purpose. In Darklin Wars, your walls will do what walls are supposed to, protect your resources from looters. Before attacking troops can capture your resources, they must first break down your walls. If the troops are defeated, but the walls are not brought down then the attackers will only capture ungathered Elemental Energy.

Siege Engines – So if you have walls that need breaking, it only makes sense that you give your armies things to break those walls, right? Enter the siege engines! These war machines will be deadly to troops as defenders, but when they are attacking and the walls are still standing, that is where their focus will be.

Intelligent Looting – When you have spent your time breaking down a castles walls and are excited to get the loot you desperately need, its important that you get the RIGHT loot. That means not wasting space in your march for stuff you don’t need. That’s where intelligent looting comes in. You tell your troops what your current priorities are and they, like the good soldiers they are, load up first on your highest priorities!

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