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Create A Custom Darklin

Winning the game requires many skills, great diplomacy, and a lot of fortitude. It also requires big, violent creatures called Darklins.

I am a cautious man by nature.

Not completely averse to risk, but I like to know the odds are stacked in my favor. Really who doesn’t?

Certainly not the Lords and Ladies in the game Darklin Wars! First, you don’t get to be nobility without being careful. So why would they take risks in battle?

Most Lords and Ladies will sit comfortably behind their armies, sipping a glass of premium wine, while their troops engage. Sure, there are some that like to lead their own attacks, but they are quick to die, as death is a price frequently paid for bravery.

So back to those Lords and Ladies sipping wine in the back. It’s really not a bad way to conduct war, is it? There is a catch though. Somebody has to lead the armies. . .

Introducing Darklins

Well, in this case it is a something that will do it. Knowing that armies like to feel invincible, the nobility of the realm invest heavily in creating powerful and terrifying creatures, called Darklins. They do this through alchemy, combining elemental sprites, which are captured from founts, like the one in the title picture, and mutating them to give them intelligence and unique abilities.

What they have wound up with are malevolent, murderous creatures bent on mayhem and destruction. Sounds perfect for leading armies!

Quick Tip: You can customize your Darklin by mixing different combinations of elemental energy to create different strengths and abilities! Sometimes you will even discover an ability that has never previously been found!

As you can see here, when they are first created they are relatively harmless. They will only bestow minor benefits to the armies that accompany them, but then they grow. And mutate. And GROW.

By the time they have fully grown, they average 45 ft in height, have a unique blend of skills and abilities, and are ready to lead armies into battle!

So without further ado, let us introduce you to the Earth Darklin, a ferocious beast if ever one was created. While it is downright cute at earlier stages of growth, as a fully evolved Darklin, it leads armies by combining powerful attacks versus castles with strong defensive buffs. This makes defending castles really want to buff up their walls and makes attackers on this Darklin’s side walk with a bit of a swagger, feeling invincible.

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