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In-game Economy

Darklin Wars has a dynamic, in-game economy that allows players to buy and sell virtually any item and resource in the game easily and securely, including their account!

There is a building that you really want to start, but you are out of resources and really don’t want to spend the next three days farming. You’ve been good with your in-game currency, but the “packs” for sale are way too expensive. . .

If you are a fan of the current MMORTS games, you’ve been here before, and it sucks!

In Darklin Wars we have a couple of different solutions for you.

The merchant will sell a variety of random items and resources to players.

First, there is an in-game merchant (shown above) that sells many items and resources for quick purchase. We are not going to guarantee the best prices, so buyers beware! This guy is definitely trying to make a quick buck.

The merchant, however, should be your last resort because. . . we have a player marketplace!

Rendering of the Darklin Wars marketplace
The marketplace allows players to buy and sell anything in-game

The merchant, however, should be your last resort because. . . we have a player marketplace!

That means that there is a real, functioning economy in Darklin Wars. Need quick gold? Might want to put that rare item up for auction with a “buy it now” price. Looking for some elemental energy in a pinch? A quick trip to the marketplace will help you fill that need.

The Darklin Wars marketplace will allow you to buy and sell virtually any item or resource within the game, as long as there is another player willing to part with it!

Crypto Based

The really exciting part of the in-game economy is that all Darkcoin (DRK), the in-game currency used in Darklin Wars, is backed by GameGold (GMG), the real world cryptocurrency minted on the Binance Smart chain. So at any time you want, you can convert your in-game currency into GMG. Once you have GMG you will have many options, such as:

  • Use the GMG to transfer your currency into another game in the PLAYN ecosystem

  • Stake GMG in order to get governance rights in PLAYN and earn a return

  • Swap GMG for another crypto or fiat currency in order to "cash out"

So not only do we feature a real economy in-game, but players have complete flexibility with how to use and spend the wealth they build in Darklin Wars.

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