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One Token - Many Uses

Value in crypto is simple. Supply and demand. The lower the  supply and higher the demand, the more valuable it is. With a limited supply, and many use cases, GMG provides real value.

Public Token Offering
Date to be announced by July 2023

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How will GMG be used?

In Game Currency

GMG can be exchanged for in-game currency in any game that is launched in the PLAYN ecosystem. That in-game currency can be used in a variety of ways, including purchases of cosmetics and auction participation.

Game Liquidity

Each game launched will be backed by 500,000 GMG to create a liquidity pool for the game. This is important because each game launched will remove a half percent of GMG from the circulating supply.


Players that chose to do so may stake their GMG coins. Staking for a sufficient length of time will allow them to have governance rights in the ecosystem, voting on key issues that are raised up to the players once per quarter.

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