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Crafting with Alchemy

Every castle comes equipped with an Alchemist. By experimenting with different elements you find, you can create spells, enhance items, and more!

The crafting system in Darklin Wars is based upon alchemy. Players can mix elemental energy inside the alchemy lab in order to; create Darklins, enchant weapons and armor, and discover/create spells.

It is through alchemy that players can create weapons and armor with powerful bonuses and special abilities. They can also use alchemy to craft one use and special items to provide an edge over their opponents. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, alchemy is used in the creation of Darklins, the elemental creatures that lead armies into battle.

From left to right you can see (1) the equipment screen that lets you view and select any item, weapon, armor and Darklin in your possession, (2) the view when you are enchanting a weapon, and (3) one of your Darklins in your stable. In the Darklin view, that is a completely maxed out Earth Darklin. You wouldn’t want to get in this bad boy’s way!

These are just a few of the things you can do in our crafting/alchemy system! This is truly a unique feature in this genre and will provide many, many hours of enjoyment to your play time.

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